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New Pricing in 2023

Next year we're raising prices to maintain the awesome pilates experience you've come to know and love. Here's why.

First off, I want to say thank you for supporting Uncommon Practice Pilates. As many of you know, I started out at this studio as a client. Then, I had the opportunity to take over this place during the pandemic two years ago. I never imagined I would be here, but now I can’t see myself anywhere else! Being a small business owner requires a lot of time and devotion, and recently I have had the chance to be able to think about how grateful I am for this community, and for you.

At UP Pilates, our mission is to provide movement for every body in a welcoming, knowledgeable, community-based and educational environment. We truly value providing you with reliable and consistent service. To continue to live out our mission and thrive as a community, we will implement a price increase beginning in the New Year.

It’s important to me to tell you why, and how your dollars will contribute to our mission:

  1. High Quality Equipment: We pride ourselves on providing a high quality experience and that means top of the line, well cared-for equipment that requires love and maintenance.

  2. Experienced Instructors: Our instructors aren’t drop-in teachers with a side-hustle, they are wellness experts with education and experience. We will continue to employ consistent (and may I say amazing?) instructors. Plus, we give our teachers education stipends and a good work-life balance so they can truly make their job a career.

  3. Rent Increase: enough said, it keeps going up!

Due to the support of our community, we haven’t raised our prices in four years! But it’s time - our hope is that by increasing the price of membership and classes, we will be able to continue to provide the same level of awesomeness you have come to expect. We will continue to introduce new things this coming year to better support you in your Pilates practice. Thank you for supporting our local business and community, it truly means the world to me and we wouldn’t be here without you.

Get ready… 2023 is going to introduce new member benefits, events, and lots of butt-kicking, toning and healing workouts! Take care this holiday season and see you in the studio soon.


Book a Package With Current Pricing

Take advantage of our current pricing through December 31st, 2022! Get one last class package before prices increase.

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