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New To Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact way to attain excellent results in your fitness routine! It is a perfect fit for those who are new to movement, or those who have spent their entire lives moving. Pilates allows you to not just improve skills you already have, but to discover the potential you never even realized was possible!

Where to Start

Private Sessions

Group Classes

Introductory Packages!

If you're rehabbing from an injury, or have chronic pain issues, private sessions are a great place to start. Our expert instructors will introduce you to the equipment, help you navigate any modifications you need, and get you ready to safely start classes!

We offer group classes at a variety of levels. If you're just starting pilates and have no physical complications, try out a Level 1 or Level 1/2 class!

So you're feeling excited about pilates, but want to test the waters before comitting to a membership or big class pack? We have some great new member deals for you to take advantage of!

  • Single drop-in class $18 (normally $28.50)

  • 2 classes $15 / class

  • 2 private sessions $50 / session

  • 2 duet sessions $65 / session

**(expires in 3 weeks)

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