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Rehab Injuries

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Pre/Post Natal

Pilates is low-impact and safe for individuals who are pregnant, and who are post-partum, with their doctor's approval. Pilates can result in better alignment, stronger core, and support the healing of 


Functional Movement

Regular participation in pilates can improve balance, stability and strength, making every day tasks and movements more sustainable and easy.


Fitness & Endurance

Regular Pilates exercise classes builds a strong core, increased strength, and improved flexibility and stability. Because it concentrates on individual movements, proper breathing, and personalized modifications, Pilates often results in dramatic improvement in overall conditioning for both men and women, decrease in aches and pains, and improved flexibility and control of movement.


Active Agers

When it comes to fitness for older adults there are many movement challenges to address, from decreased flexibility to more limiting issues such as Osteoporosis or joint replacement. Such a wide range of physical limitations can keep a Pilates instructor on their toes and often requires a bit of creativity! The use of specialized Pilates equipment, plus integrating small props, can be very useful in creating a fun, challenging, and successful experience for each individual!


Sports Specific

While engagement in sports may keep you fit, sometimes some added support is needed to keep your body in its best shape. Regular participation in pilates can help strengthen lesser used muscles, rehabilitate sports related injuries, and encourage a healthy range of motion.

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