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March MATness 2023

We either hear “MAT Pilates is easy, I want to take a Reformer class” or “mat Pilates is too hard for me.” We obviously need to clarify what mat Pilates is all about!

Pilates as a whole is never too easy or too hard if you are connecting your mind, body and breathe together to do the movement. Yes, there may be some movements that are easier for you and harder for others depending on what’s going on with your body. Remember that the reformer, tower, chair and other apparatus are amazing and fancy pieces of equipment that provide you with resistance but they also assist you in a lot of areas. Give your body a different challenge without the assistance of the straps or springs!

Mat Pilates requires only one thing, yourself! It is great because you can take home what you learn in class without needing any of the fancy equipment. A lot of the mat work exercises are original Joseph Pilates moves, the founder of Contrology or better known as Pilates. Joseph Pilates was a pioneer in his time. He believed that mental and physical health are interconnected and that eating healthy and getting sufficient sleep were essential for overall health. It feels kinda’ nice kickin’ it old school with JP! Some of those more classical Pilates exercises require you to work hard to stabilize your core, lengthen those muscles and control your pelvis. Oh yes, and don’t forget to breathe!

You will be in for an exercise routine that tones, strengthens, boosts mental health, improves posture, increases flexibility and focuses on your powerhouse – you know those really important muscles like your abs, pelvic floor musculature, hips and glutes. Remember, a strong core helps ward off back pain and makes daily chores more doable. A strong core is a must and not just for athletes! For parents picking up their kids, runners, golfers and those who sit at a desk or in their car for long periods of time. When your core is strong, it serves as the center of power so your limbs don’t have to bear as much of the brunt of movement. Studies show that Pilates is effective in reducing pain and improving function in people with back pain. How amazing is Pilates?! We can tell you stories of how Pilates saved numerous people from having to have back surgery or recover from it quickly.

At UP Pilates we incorporate lots of mat movements as we work with the equipment. We do our best to always keep the movements appropriate for your body and skill level while still providing you with a challenging workout. Thanks to the balance, focus and strength work in Pilates, you will always leave the mat feeling strong, energized and de-stressed. Want to give mat Pilates a try or need a refresher? Please feel free to take these exercises home with you along with anything else you learn in our classes!


Who's it for? Great for those that have tight hips, run, have pain at hips, or tight through sides of the body.


Good for every body!


Great for stiff spine and strengthening the back chain of the legs.

Sidelying Legs

Great for core control, shoulder stabilization, and disassociating leg movements from the spine.

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