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3 Tips to Keep Your Fitness Mojo Strong Through Summer

Every season comes with excuses why we all can’t get to the gym or keep to our fitness goals: holidays are meant to be celebrated, friends or family are visiting, or the inevitable “I’m too busy.”

We could all use a little fitness motivation at this point of the summer, particularly when scheduling time to get to the gym seems extra hard after a long night of BBQ and beers. Trust us, make the time! It’s worth it! It’s always easier said than done, so here are several tips to keep your fitness mojo going strong all summer long.

Summer time is also prime time to get outside - hike, swim, paddle, golf, volleyball in the park, you name it! To keep ourselves injury free for all the fun to be had, Pilates is still here for you! We might not see you in the studio as often, but still come see us to keep your baseline.

1. Make Your Goals Bite-Sized Over the Summer

Instead of lamenting you didn’t make your bikini body dream goal before the heat hit this summer, remind yourself that fitness goals don’t stick if they’re one-and-done items. Keep your fitness goals manageable this summer by breaking them into bite-sized (read: easily obtainable) items, such as aiming to walk 5 minutes more in your cardio each week. Physical change isn't the only goal we can reach for; breathing easier on a hike, distance running, strengthen our body to better support our spine, etc.

2. Keep Your Brain Engaged

Oftentimes when we don’t want to hit the gym, it’s not that we’re tired or too busy - instead, we’re bored of the same old routine! To keep your summer fitness motivation strong, switch it up. Swap out a yoga class for a Pilates class; make your cardio interesting again by trying out high-intensity interval training (HIIT); or add in short breaks of staring at the sky to give your mind and body a break. We offer everything from restorative classes to butt kicking classes - check the schedule out for what you can jump into!

3. Stop Being “Too Busy”

Who said that workouts had to be 60 minutes or more at a time? Learning to work out in just 10-15 minutes a day will help you break the inaccurate mentality that workouts have to be long, strenuous, and blocked off constantly in your schedule. Yes, it’s ideal to put your workouts on your calendar on a regular basis (simply to form the habit of working out); however, when you feel like being active and it’s not on your calendar, embrace it!

Looking for more fitness motivation? Stay tuned to our blog or come straight into our Pilates studio in Denver! Otherwise, here are a few leaders in our industry we love to follow for inspiration: Jessica Valant Delia Pilates Lesley Logan

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